Having Mom Nearby is Working out Really Well

My mom cried when I told her that I was going to join the military, and when I told her that I was joining the Army, she cried even harder. She was so afraid for me because she feels I’m her baby boy. I told her that everything would be fine and not to worry. I received my station duty not long ago, and I told mom there are some apartments near Fort Eustis that she should take a look at. I told her I would love it if she would come here and live nearby.

My mom and I are pretty close. And at some point in time, I will be given my overseas duty orders. That will mean that I will need to be on my own. However, right now, I would love for my mom to be here nearby. And I think you would give her a piece of mind. It would make me happy, of course, but I think it would make her even happier. Mom decided to move here recently, and she is now moved into her new apartment just 1 mile away from my base where I am living in the barracks.

Before mom got here, I began dating a great lady. She is now my girlfriend. I love the fact that my mom has had a chance to get to know her by living here. I plan to ask my girlfriend to marry me before I get stationed overseas. That way, she will be my wife, and she will be eligible to come with me. I think that Mom will appreciate this time getting to know her and see the two of us together before that happens. They get along great together and I love that both of them are here with me.

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